Hi All,

Recently we removed some old machines, they have been deleted from ZCM11 and the HDD's completely wiped.
Circumstances changed and I now need to use these machines in a different room. How do I image them automatically from Zenworks?

Normally I would select the machine in ZCM and select assign imaging bundle. But since these machines have been deleted they no longer exist in ZCM.
If they were new machines I would set up a preboot services rule using the IP address as the filter. It seems though, if the machine has been in ZCM previously this rule is ignored.

Can anyone suggest a course of action?
There is no OS on the workstations so I cant run a zac reg.
About the only solution I have at the moment is to run the image command manually on each workstation. (1 base image and 8 addon images on 10 machines is alot of time wasted...)

Thanks for your help.