ZCM 11.2.2. I need to set in sysreq's for bundle comparing registry key default value, but ... on device I see it does not recognize it.
As LibreOffice does change MS Office file associations (https://forums.suse.com/showthread.p...cx-association, still happen in LO 3.6) I created (already in ZCM 10) a bundle to fix it, but in ZCM 11 I see bundle sysreq's "say" everything is fine, but it isn't. I leaved key value empty as is requested in doc's ("Leave the key value field blank to use the default value. The default value of a registry key has no name and is displayed in regedit as (Default)."). I compare "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.pptx" etc. In log I see " [RegistryValueReqHandler] [] [Getting value for Subkey SOFTWARE\Classes\.pptx returned null]" when default value deleted (showing "(value not set)" in registry editor). Can't check for existence default value ("A value must be specified in the text box."). Can't recall I was an issue in ZCM 10.
Any ideas? Something I missed?
More thanks, Alar.