I'm working with two bundles for different versions of an application. The bundle for the older version unintentionally had the "Uninstall on unassignment" setting enabled and has been deployed to many workstations. We're ready to roll out the new version, and so I'd like to be able to safely unassign the old bundle once the new one is deployed.

I'm thinking of three scenarios to do this:

1. Change the setting to "Do not uninstall upon unassignment" in the uninstall actions, increment the version, and refresh the existing assignments. I'm afraid this may re-deploy the bundle and install the old version over the top of the new version.

2. Disable the bundle for the old version, refresh existing assignments, and then unassign the devices from it. I'm not certain if this would just postpone uninstallation until the time I reenabled the bundle.

3. Delete the old version's bundle entirely. If the uninstall information is cached on the device, then I'm guessing this would have the same effect as if I just unassigned the bundle as is, but with no method of recovery.

Based on this, could anyone recommend a best practice for addressing such an issue?

Thanks in advance,