We're presently running ZCM 11.2.2 MU1 on all primaries/sat servers. Our clients are a mix of 11.2.0, 11.2.2 and 11.2.2 MU1, but for this question, assume that all workstations are running 11.2.2 MU1 (our test environment)

We've had some infrastructure changes recently that had forced me to shutdown ZCM for half a day.

I started by the simple steps of:

turn off zenworks on reporter, then our second primary and finally our first. Shutdown the machines. Then I shutdown our MS SQL database running on win2k8 R2

I booted everything back up, had some weird issues with the network components of our database (somehow it reset the network from 'work' to 'public' so nothing was listening.

I got everything back up shortly after, and for the most part things started to work. Our users had a couple DLU issues, but a couple reboots/aka agent refreshes and the policies were being brought down again.

That being said, I had to create 3 bundles that day.

1) a simple empty bundle that ran a local .EXE file to activate a product. I associated it to the workstations, everything went well.

2) a install/launch bundle for a new virtual application we created.

3) a install/launch bundle for a 'install file in c:\temp' and 'run the .EXE with a silent switch', then reboots the machine.

#1 worked great. #2 and #3 however will not work.

The bundles are created, the icons and everything looks good. I go to my 'install files, step and I see the 335mb file that it will need to copy over.

However, on the workstation end, after it's been associated, I receive an error as soon as I attempt to run the install, and it fails with some weird error 'cache.item.error'. I thought it might have been a replication issue so I forced it through zac cdp and then zac ref general bypasscache on our sat servers.

I came in this morning, and attempted to last night, but with the same errors. I've tried on several workstations.

I double-checked the bundles, clicked on the 'compute' link, and it shows '0 bytes' instantly.

The last time we had this issue, we had raised a ticket with Novell and we realized that the root partition on our SLES11 server was running out of space. This was several months ago and everything has worked in this regard since then.

I've double-checked our two primary servers and everything looks fine with a df -h.

When I look at the bundles 'setting' tab and verify its availability, it shows up as "Unavailable" on all sat servers and both primary servers.

I've run the ZDC against the first primary and received a large list of files that were' missing', but realized that the baseline file used was for 11.2.2 only, and did not include any sort of reference for 11.2.2 MU1

I looked but have not found any baseline to use for this to validate that the server is actually seeing the right files.

I then looked at two of the files that seemed to be 'soft linked' from /etc/alternatives : xml-commons-apis which links to /usr/share/java/xerces-j2-xml-apis.jar and xml-commons-resolver which links to /usr/share/java/xerces-j2-xml-resolver.jar

Both the files do not exist under the /usr/share/java path, where-as most of the previous files that were 'not found' were simply a newer version with the older version having 'superceded' appended at the end of the .MSI files, or .RPM, etc.

I'm not sure what else to verify or do regarding thing. We have some important bundles that we need to deploy, and in the near future, I have a large of bundles to prepare for our next school year.

Can anyone provide me with any input, and on request, I'll add whatever details are needed to help me troubleshoot this.

My last recourse is to communicate with Novell and open an SR, but we've only got a few left, and i feel like this one can be fixed easily enough...I just don't know what to do next.

Thanks to anyone who can help..Maybe Pond or Wilson? lol