According to the Wiki...

"By default, an unassigned new contact synchronizes to your default personal address book in GroupWise. However, the default personal address book in GroupWise is your Frequent Contacts address book, which is not synchronized to your mobile device by default. So an unassigned new contact from your mobile device might not synchronize to GroupWise where you expect it, or it might not synchronize at all."


"Your default personal address book in GroupWise is the address book that displays when you click the Contacts tab in the GroupWise client. When you change your default personal address book in the GroupWise client, the change takes effect for your mobile device the next time the GroupWise Connector is restarted."

Of course the user has no control over when the server's GroupWise Connector will be restarted, and the Sysadmin has no control over which address book is the default for a user - nor can the sysadmin STOP the user changing a setting in their mailbox (with most likely NO IDEA of the impact it will have. The fact that this appear more as a "display" thing on the computer not where phone contacts are stored means no this is in no way intuitive.

This impacts us badly as either moving a user, or making a policy change in our management platform (MobileIron) removes and readds the activesync profiles from the device. The devices (Apple iOS) do not allow us to choose a default book, only a default provider for new contacts. I suspect other devices have a similar restriction.

Does Novell have any plans to administratively set a default address book for new contacts that is NOT overridden by users making an arbitrary change to the Win32 client ?

I don't mind if the user wants to intentionally change the setting (like if they create a new "mobile" AB then select it on the web interface) but the current arrangement is very painful for us.

Ian Blackwood