I had 1.2.3 upgraded on wednesday night to 1.2.4 and I have 5 separate sites, the main site with it's GW 8.0.2 connector and the mobile server and 4 other sites, these 4 other sites are 3 x 8.0.2 on oes2 the other is on windows 2008 with 8.0.3.

This creates 5 POA's in total. One of our remote 8.0.2 POAs just stopped talking to mobility the minute we did the upgrade and that is it... It's not talked since. I am completely stumped I can remotely connect to the far POA i've restarted the server the poa the mobility server, i've shutdown groupwise completely on the local server on the same site as the mobility server and nothing has fixed it.

I can talk to port 7191 on the remote server via telnet and get the exact same message as I get from all our other remote sites. I can do this back to the main server as well.... everything looks fine it's still talking via LDAP as I can log onto the mobility server as one of the users on port 8120 but it will just not connect to that site at all. Telnet test shows that there was no miracle where a firewall got turned on somehwere in between at the exact second we did the upgrade, I'm utterly stumped.

Please can anyone suggest a starting point for my investigations...

So the main Site lets call it A can talk via telnet to port 7191 on sites B C D and E sites B C D and E can all do the same telnet test back to the main site. The mobile server can also do all of these tests. But when you look on the groupwise connector on the mobile server, in the list of POA's there is A B C D and no E!! There used to be!!