I am for different reasons using the simple password NMAS method to log
in to our Netware 6.5 and OES/linux servers. There is no problem when
logging in to the servers with LDAP, Novell Client on XP (32-bit) or
Novell Client 2 Sp3 on 32-bit windows 7. I use the NMAS simple password
method client install program v2.7.2.

The problem is when logging in with Novell Client 2 Sp3 from Windows 7,
64-bit. I cant find the installation program for the simple password
login method for 64-bit Windows 7. The 32-bit version of the simple
password method installs on Win 7 64-bit but when you try to login you
get an error message indicating that you use the wrong password. If I
don't install the 32-bit method there is a message that the method is
missing so obviously the Client recognizes the method but it does not
work as expected.

So, where can I find the installation program for the NMAS simple
password method on windows 7 64-bit clients?

Thanks in advance