Is there a way to log all DNS queries going to a Novell DNS server?

The reason I ask is we're about to transition our DNS & DHCP services off of Novell and over to an appliance-based solution from Infoblox.

There are five main steps to our transition:
Transfer DNS zone data to Infoblox grid
Reconfigure Novell DNS servers to be Cache-Only servers (have them forward all queries to Infoblox)
Reconfigure DHCP options to use Infoblox DNS servers
Reconfigure devices with static IPs to use Infoblox DNS servers
Decommission Novell DNS servers
The tricky part is #4: our environment has numerous sites and thousands of devices, and I feel that telling my network techs to check everything isn't practical or reasonable.

If there's a way to log the DNS activity going to the old servers it'll give my techs something definitive to work with.

Any suggestions?