Hi I got big problems with NetStorage on my OES11!

I can't logon with a account that has a Universal Password policy? My attemt to logon is registered as an intrusion in iManager.

Authentication Domains is emty, and I can't add one?
Novell Storage Provider is emty!
Netstorage Options is emty!

When I try to logon with my admin user who has no Universal Password policy on this link https://srv2-aar/oneNet/nsadmin
I get a error message: Error loading stylesheet: Interpretation of an XSLT stylesheet failed.

I've tried to:
Reinstall NetStorage rpm.
Install NetStorage on another OES11 server in the same tree.
did the Support | How to recreate missing Xtier registry keys
did a rebuild of the NetStorage registry information as mentioned in the http://www.novell.com/documentation/...netstor_lx.pdf

Please help?

Best Regards
Lars Adelvard