Hi guys!

thanks for reading. I have a question related to create a new forward zone. I am not pretty sure if I have to use a forward zone
or create a new IN-ADDR.ARPA forward zone.

Now I have my DNS servers answering about my primary zone, let say mycompany.es. For any requisites related to my applications,
I have to forward all dns queries related to, let say this domain: onedomaintoforward.com (and, all subdomains)
to a different dns server located on a machine on the internet. The main reason for this is the application that use this domain
works with a dedicated internet-line, so the dns queries must be resolved to point to the servers going throught this line,
with specific IP routes, etc).

So, for example, the query customerzone.cp.onedomaintoforward.com must be forwarded to this server (I have the IP address
for this server).

So, should I create a forward zone or a new in-addr.arpa forward zone? I am confused. I think that its the second one,
mainly because I set up a new forward zone but its seems that it doesnt works.

Could anyone give me a pointer to this?

Thank you so much!