Hi all,

We have some large PDFs that we currently store on an apache server. Because of the number of pages (over 33,000) we created sort of an index page using html that users could quickly search in and then select a name that is a link to the correct page in the PDF. This worked like a charm. We are working to move the old website that was on the apache server into Vibe. I haven't been able to get the setup we have for the large PDFs to transfer into Vibe as the PDF will open using the permalink, but the PDF just opens to its first page. Following is an example of the link from the apache server.


We just took the permalink and added the #page=1905 to it. As indicated, it opens the PDF, but only to the first page.

Does anyone know of some way to make this work, or is it likely to be impossible within the constraints of Vibe? I would really like to just be able to search the PDF using Vibe's indexing, but it appears either size or format is an issue. Any other thoughts on how this could be accomplished would be appreciated as well.

Thanks, Don.