I'm kinda confused by the documentation. Under "Prerequisites" for
"Salvaging and Purging Deleted files with iManager" it states "Deleted files
are typically purged according to the Purge Delay settings on the server."

I read in a couple of threads that this setting is for volumes only? Is
that true?

My issue is that if I allow deleted files to continue to build up, the SAN
management software which sees the deleted files as still there taking up
space starts issuing alerts and warning about space usage and that I will
run out of space real soon.

I was thinking I would set this "Purge Delay" to 7 days (604800) and
minimize the amount of deleted file tracked. Then the docs talk about
needing to set this permanently in the "autoexec.ncf" file. That threw up
red flags since that is a NetWare file.

So I cam to the forum hoping for clarity, and now I'm more confused.

Can someone shed some light on the "Purge Delay" setting?

Thanks in advance!