We are using sbcon to backup our Netware server (Netware 6.5).

Couple of days ago the nightly backup had failed. Now when I choose "Storage Device Administration" on sbcon and then the device "[V025-A1-D1:0] IBM DDS Gen5 f/wC0A0" I get:
Unidentifiable media

Tape has been in use for a while. I thought it might be failure with the tape, so I inserted a new tape. I get the same, unidentifiable media.

I thought I must label the tape so I took Insert, Change the media label, Yes. After about 5 seconds I get:
<SMSDI v1.0 293> SMSDI Memory allocation failed.

The server is not very old, about four years, it has 3 GB memory.

About two weeks ago we had the same problem, I booted the server and then backup worked about two weeks.

Can anybody help, what that smsdi error means and what would be the best way the solve the problem.