Hello all,

I’m new to ZCM and have been having an issue with one of my bundles. I have created a Windows bundle that runs a vbScript to update staff setting for Office 2010. I have it set up as a Launch task to “Run Script” (I defined my own script, so it is not an external file) and the relationship is with everyone within the organisation and to run at user login (as people may move computers or labs quite frequently).

This works for the majority of staff, but occasionally I get the following error message:

There was an error setting file rights for C:\Users\aaa12345678\AppData\Local\Temp\76e450b0-139f-42c8-a8e9-216449b0cce9\cd117319cd209d831ec6ae5fdd2ff0df-Set_Office_User_Information_script-43168104Input.xml on Object reference not set to an instance of an object..

The second GUID listed is the GUID of the Bundle. Any ideas on how to fix this or where to find any additional information. There doesn’t appear to be any information that I could find on the forum.