Have you come across this?

Here is the scenario:

I have an existing Workflow with may States. It navigates a custom Form from one State to the next seeking approval. There are existing requests in progress in may different States.

New requirements came forward for both the Workflow and Form. I know how to enable the Local Definitions (Form), Workflow Associations and Local Definitions (Workflow) so that the user can choose either the old, new or just new Form (Folder Views, Entries and Workflows tab). I am able to Change the Entry Types (tab) from existing to the new Form. I am able to also Retire the old Workflow definition in Form/View Designer.

The key to the whole thing is to transition the old Workflow and Form to the updated versions without having the in-progress requests restart with the new Workflow causing the approvers re-work and confusion.

Any insight would be greatly appriciated.