Quick question, relating to how the "Install Bundle" action works in relation to Assignments & Distribution.

If I create bundles for, say, Adobe Reader, Chrome, Java etc then create a "Master" bundle to that contains multiple "Install Bundle" actions for each product will they install even if the sub-bundles themselves don't have any assignments set?

Effectively what I want to do is have some bundles created that will be installed as the final step in our imaging process. To make sure the apps are pre-installed and ready to roll for the user I want to manually run them using the zac bin command.

Idea being something along the lines of...

- create bundles for each application that needs to be installed, no assignments or schedules set
- create "master" bundle with assignment but no schedules
- enable sysprep autologin on image
- install ZCM agent via script using registration key
- using the key assigns the device to specified group \ folder
- device reboots, does autologin again
- in theory it should now have assignments via group \ folder set above
- display splash screen using an HTA, lock keyboard & mouse
- run zac bin command for "master" bundle, which should then step through and install the apps one by one

I know some people recommend using the "Install on Device Boot" event but seeing as ZCM doesn't display a status window on the login screen there's nothing to stop people using the device before it's ready (and therefore shutting down the machine mid flow of installing the bundle)

I'd prefer to not have to set any assignment \ schedules on the sub bundles if I can help it for management, easier to do it on the master bundle so just wondering which of the scenarios below is correct?

a) Install Bundle action will install the bundle even if it has no assignment set
b) Install Bundle action will only install the bundle if that bundle has assignments set