I installed the Novell Client 2 SP3 on a test machine this morning (Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit) After reboot, the machine would not log in to my Novell Server (and, my user became a guest user on the machine). I rebooted and logged into the machine as an administrative user, uninstalled the new client, rebooted, and re-installed the previous client (Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows IR3). Now, when I try to log into the client, with any user, I get the following message-"Novell security message internal error 0xfffffa4" with the suggestion of restarting the machine. I tried a restart, and get the same error message. I can use the computer, but I cannot access any network based folders or files. I have even tried logging in through the client after the machine is already logged in.

Anyone have thoughts?