We had a fully functional OES 11 (SuSE 11 Sp1 / OES 11) server running GroupWise 2012 SP1. After patching the server, SuSE 11 Sp2 / OES 11 Sp1, the GW 2012 SP1 agents no longer load.

Since applying SuSE 11 Sp2, the GroupWise Agents no longer load at startup. I get Conflicting Effective User message when trying to load them manually. I am able to manually load the agents once the uid.run files have been deleted as discussed in documentation. However, once the system is restarted, the agents fail to load automatically again.

I have tried re-installing GW 2012 Sp1. I have also tried setting the agents to load as a non-root user, per documentation.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.