We have trouble with importation computers with SSDs hard disk (solid state). With the same sysprep image of Windows 7, we have no problem with SATA or IDE hard disk. We noticed that after installing the agent on an SSD hard disk, the computer restarts one time but does not appear in the console ZCM dynamic group. We must reboot manually the computer again (power off button) and when the computer come back at the winlogon after 1 minute, the registration is correct on ZCM. The problem appears only with SSD (SATA and IDE no problem). I noticed on SATA hard disk that the computer reboot by itself when the name is modify but on SSD, the computer never reboot to change the name.

Windows 7sp1 full path with no firewall
Zenworks full patch 11.2.2 and fev.pru
hp or clone problem