Hi all,

I've done a bit of Googling but can't find the answer, so I thought I'd ask it here.

Ok, what I want to do is this:
1. I have a OES 11 SP1 server and existing tree configured (INVICTUS-TREE)
2. I want to add a SLE 11 Server to the network, but I want it to authenticate against the existing OES11 server (i.e. I want to use the user accounts on the OES11 server to authenticate on the new SLE 11 server)
3. I installed LUM on the new server, but no eDirectory and tried to use LDAP authentication. But that failed initially with a generic "Authentication Failure" message.
4. I understand that I need to LUM-enable the users, so I did. The error changed to something about not being able to find the object in the tree.

I browsed through the eDirectory tree and found some LDAP objects. Also, from the LUM docs, it seems I have to add the server too. Now, I am completely lost. Googling only tells me how to add a server that is also running an eDirectory replica with ndsconfig, but what I want is just to add a SLE11 server and have it authenticate against eDirectory-I don't want to install a replica of eDirectory on it. This SLE11 server is just going to function as a web/FTP server for me.

Does anyone have any links to articles and/or TIDs that I can refer to? Preferably something that lists the steps to get an SLE 11 server authenticating against OES11?

Thanks in advance!!