We are currently running a SLES 10 SP4 server with ZCM 11.2.0, zcm embedded database, edir (master replica) and OES2. Yes I know that this is not the ideal environment to run ZCM but we are in the works to move ZCM off that server to a new one withZCM and SLES 11 only. I have looked at the documentation for Replacing the First Primary Server with the Second Primary Server. We will be keeping the SLES 10 server with edir and OES and retire ZCM. This process seems to pretty straight forward but I do have a few concerns about our environment.
1. We currently have the the ZCM server on ports 8443 and 8080 because of imanager\OES services. Will moving to a new server with ZCM on the proper ports (443 80) be an issue?
2. Is there an issue moving\replicating our content from an SLES 10 SP4 server to a SLES 11, with both servers having the same version of ZCM? I can\will upgrade the SLES 10 box to 11 if its mandatory.

In case you are wondering why we have not moved to ZCM 11.2.1\11.2.2 soon 11.2.3 its because of the following issue. The check utilities SUCommandValidator and ZENworksDiagnosticCenter show that we are running 11.2.0, but it will display the error below. Anyway that's for a new thread or I will be opening an SR request soon to see what that is about.
"The Update for ZENworks 11 SP2 (11.2.2)
update requires the following update(s) to be downloaded and authorized before it can be deployed:
Update for ZENworks (11 SP2)"

Thanks for any input that you can give.