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Thread: Run imaging bundle from PXE imaging maintenance menu

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    Question Run imaging bundle from PXE imaging maintenance menu

    One for the Novell guys, is it possible to manually run a Preboot bundle from the ZCM Imaging Maintenance menu? Scenario is:

    - existing Windows XP \ ZDM 7 machine needs to be reimaged to Windows 7
    - can't upgrade the existing agent on the machine to ZCM 11 as ZDM 7 has lots of apps assigned that need to work right up until reimaging
    - want to make a clean start with ZCM, therefore first step will be to run zisedit -c on the workstation before imaging
    - don't want to use hardware rules (too risky in case it catches machines we don't want imaged)

    Our current ZDM has a customised PXE menu where we can set off images manually, can I do something similar in ZCM but instead of pointing at an image point to a preboot bundle instead?
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