Hi all,

I am currently faced with the following problem unfortunately:

We use ZCM pre boot (pxe) to image our clients with a windows7.zmg image which was configured with sysprep.
The image is created on a PC, which has a 300GB HDD. The windows partition is over the total size of the hdd.
This imaging process on a new pc is as following script shows:

# Delete + MBR partition table
dd if = /dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1
# partition
fdisk /dev/sda << EOF
# imaging
img rp server IP path/to/image.zmg
This works quite well so far, with the only problem, that the partition on the new PC has the maximum of 300 GB. So if I image this image on a pc, which hdd has 500 GB, 200 GB will remain unpartitioned.
I have redesigned the imaging now follows:

# imaging
img pc1 NTFS
img rp server IP path/to/image.zmg a1: p1
img pa1
Now the entire HDD is used for the partition, but after the imaging the PC doesn`t boot, and stops with a black screen and a blinking cursor.
I am typing this on a problem with the mbr, but does not know how to fix it: (

I have to modify the imaging-process, that i can use the image on every HDD size with the result, that always the max partitionsize is used.