Hello Preston,

I recently downloaded novell-gwsoap-devel-2013.01.15.zip, I'm working with the gwws.jar in the novell-gwsoap-devel-2013.01.15\clients\Java\JAX-RPC\javaClient\dist\lib directory, but can not find a Javadoc in the download or online which fit the method descriptions for this jar. I realize the the NetBeans Setup says use the jar in clients\Java\JAX-RPC\gwws\build\gwws.jar but i wanted to use the one in the dist\lib directory as seems the jar used in the javaClient has most functionality plus i can check with the javaClient examples. The Javadocs i see in novell-gwsoap-devel-2013.01.15/clients/Java/JAX-RPC/gwws/build/src/index.html don't match the version used in the javaClient example. Also i see there is a version of Javadoc in novell-gwsoap-devel-2013.01.15/clients/Java/JAX-WS/fxClient/dist/javadoc/index.html which doesn't match the gwws.jar in the javaClient. I checked the online documentation for the latest method descriptions e.g. at http://www.novell.com/documentation/...ebservices.pdf but this doc also does not match the matches the gwws.jar used in the javaClient. Which version is this used with the javaClient, should we work with this jar at all and is there documentation / Javadoc for this version ?

Thanks in advance.