Hi to all,

while migrating from NW to OES, one clustered volume with one (and
always the same) folder is duplicated with an trailing zero at the
folders name.

Source is
Destination is

shows the correct destination

Copying USER:Abteilung/EDV/... to /media/nss/USER/Abteilung/EDV/...
But in fact a new folder ../EDV0/ (in capitals) ist created, even if the
folder ../Edv/.. exists. This behaviour ist just with this folder, all
other volumes and folders worked fin.

One thing here is special:
I have *copied* the files to the destination volume because of the need
to have loaded tsafs.nlm, which nback will use for miggui, with the
option /nocluster for IBM TSM purposes. After that, I triggered a
regular consolidation as described above and later I plan to synch files
and trustees using miggui.

Any hints on that silly thing?