i have a problem with appointments

we create with the oapi a list of appointnents in a year

so the user click more then once the Button it was checked if the appointment exists with a find methode of the messages object

filter = (string)"(CLASS_NAME CONTAINS \"myclass\" AND ON_CALENDAR" + " AND FROM CONTAINS \"Test\" AND START_DATE = " + day.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd", System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo.InvariantI nfo) + ")";

MessageList msglist = Account.Calendar.Messages.Find(filter);

return msglist.count;

if i have a list in the calendar with 10 entrys

and i check the last day in the list the msgList.count returns 0

and so was create the appointment twice

the poblem always by the last entry in the appintment list

have anybody the same problem?

GW Version 8.0.3 21.01.2013

Best regards Jürgen