Hello all,

I have a problem with Zenworks and Office 2010. We are a Windows XP shop and are using a MAK key for office. Our method for activation has worked fine in the past, but recently quit working. No changes come to mind.

Zenworks installs office 2010 just fine. At the end of the bundle zenworks does a RunScript with the following details.

%programfiles%\Microsoft Office\Office14\OSPP.VBS

It previously worked being run as Dynamic Admin, but I have tried as Secure System User as well and it fails.

If I open office as Admin and do the GUI activation it succeeds. If i go to command line and run the same command Zenworks RunScript uses the activation succeeds.

I created a batch file with the activation command in it and running that from an Admin Cmd Prompt the activation succeeds. If i have zenworks call that same batch file (as admin or secure system user) after installing office the activation fails.

It gives error 0x80072efe

Does anyone have any ideas why the batch script will activate when I manually run it as admin, but when zenworks runs the exact same batch script as admin it fails?