I looking to build a replacement tree and server infrastructure for a small network, 80-90 users at a single location, with the possibility of adding 1 or 2 additional locations in the future. I want/need to make it as Active Directory friendly as possible for use by Microsoft SQL Server and VMware View. The current tree structure is O=parent company down to OU=company down to OU=city and then OUs for each server (file, print, and email) and OU=users for users, groups, profiles, and templates.
Ex: someuser.users.moosejaw.rocketpacks.acme for a user. fileserver.moosejaw.rocketpacks.acme for a server OU.
My question is do I do a name-mapped install or a non-name-mapped install for maximum AD compatibility, I can design the tree however best suits the task so whichever approach makes the most sense works for me.

Oh, FYI, fully virtualized infrastructure VMware vSphere 5.1, single purposed virtual servers for each task, DsfW, File, Print, SQL, etc...