Have 2 GWIAs, (InternalGWIA and ExternalGWIA). I have to create another one to send mail out to another system (External2GWIA).

I can't send out to External2GWIA. My logs for it show nothing. I checked ExternalGWIA and there is a rejection in that log. BUT, if I send the message out by concatinating the GWIA name in from of the email (e.g. ... gwdomain.gwianame:userid@abc.gc.ca), it will push it OK.

My route.cfg's are defined OK.

My "Internet Agent for Outbound SMTP/MIME Messages" entry in the Tools > GroupWise System Operations > Internet Addressing is set to ExternalGWIA. If I chance it to External2GWIA I can send out OK ... but then mail going out through ExternalGWIA attempts to go through External2GWIA.
Hope this makes sense.
I need 2 External GWIA's cause they need to activate FlatForwarding. I don't know what effect this would have on my original External GWIA.
Shouldn't this work ?