The person that manages our Novell NetWare 6.0 server was unaware of the 2TB drive limit. We grew the drives past this limit and were able to continue writing data to the disks. We had some peculiar issues (memory errors) shortly after. Still unaware of the cause, he rebooted the box thinking that would resolve the issue. Instead, we wound up with no volumes detected. We could still see the disks.

At this point, we reverted the disks back to the state they were in about a month ago. We're now attempting to restore all the data from tape up until as recent as possible.

While doing the restore works, it's extremely slow. It's looking like it'll take us at least a half a month just to restore the data back up to the most recent point.

I'm wondering if we could attempt to rescue the data from the disks that grew too large. It wouldn't be too much effort to make an additional copy of the NetWare server and get copies of the overly-large disks (LUNs) attached.

Any advice is hugely appreciated. We're kind of in a bind over this issue. Hopefully management finally gives us the budget we need. Thanks in advance!