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Thread: Install File(s) action creates extra folder

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    Install File(s) action creates extra folder

    Hi there. Windows 7 computer with ZEN 11 installed.

    I have a bundle with an Install File(s) step. Out of the 8 files in this step, one of them is not being placed into the correct location. When I add that file to this step, the Source File Name = autoregistration.config and the Destination File Name = ${Public}\Documents\SiteRemote Client\. After clicking on Ok, then going back to look at the details of this file, the Destination File Name = ${Public}\Documents\SiteRemote Client\autoregistration.config as expected.

    I've tried using %Public%, ${Public} and C:\Public...

    After running the bundle on this Windows 7 machine I end up with a C:\Public\Documents\SiteRemote Client\ folder inside of which can be found a file with the name of autoregistration.config.ztmp and a folder named autoregistration.config that has the autoregistration.config file in it.

    I can not find anything in the log file which would let me know the install file(s) step ran into problems.

    FWIW - this autoregistration.config file is read once when the application is started the first time, then it is removed. The file registers the software with a server we have.

    Also, this same bundle works fine on Windows XP ZEN 10 using C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\SiteRemote Client\

    Thanks for any information.

    John Desselle
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