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Thread: BB Z10 - Not staying 'connected'

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    BB Z10 - Not staying 'connected'

    We have a BB Z10 user.

    It connected to Datasync 1.23 fine - and we thought it was OK. But it would stop communicating/getting mail.
    We forced a 'device resync' from the server's side and again it was fine.

    However we noticed that when we upgraded to 1.24, all other devices (iPads, iphones, Androids) re-established a connection when the server came up.

    The BB Z10 - had a message that the device was no longer synchronized

    Forced a device resync and it was fine.

    Now in the interim - The BB Z10 has had a software upgrade
    We also upgraded to Datasync 1.25

    We don't have a Z10 to look at - but maybe there is a setting to reconnect ?
    It seems like the Z10 doesn't try to reconnect - if it has been disconnected or server is not available for a time period.
    This may be a connection/device setting not an e-mail setting (?)

    This all may be solved by the move to datasync 1.25 and the Z10 upgrade itself
    Thought others should know - maybe they can test

    Thanks Joe
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