Can someone please help or point me at the right direction?

We are running OES11 SP1 with HP upd 5.6 Dec 2012 (iPrint 5.82 on Windows 7 32bit) but for some reason on HP Colour Laserjet M451dn, it refuses to print from Microsoft Word or Excel.!!!! Tried the HP upd 5.5 and still refuses to print from Word or Excel! Used the dedicated driver m451dn and still won't print either!

It says job printed successfully from Novell iprint popup screen but nothing comes out, Rest printing from notepad, test page or printing PDF is fine or from the web as well.

The only way it prints in Word or Excel is using a standard TCPIP using HP upd 5.6 which is exactly the same as the driver store.

Any suggestion will help..