Running a single Primary server with under 500 devices. Statistics on server show "Peak CPU Utilization For Previous 24-hour Period" almost everyday hitting 100%. "Total Connections For Previous 24-hour Period" usually in the 10s if not 100s of thousands. However, if I check the Vsphere Performance for the Appliance, its peaking at about 14% CPU usage for any given 24 hour period.
I heard about Psi Probe at Brainshare, but our sysadmin is weary to add anything to the Zenworks appliance, with the impression that Novell has the Appliance configured how and with what they want the server to have.
Should we be running the Appliance in our production environment? Can we improve the performance of the Appliance? (and how?)
Right now I have a lot of orphaned Windows agents in the field (we deployed hundreds of systems this summer with the 11.2 agent and its registration bug). Our current fear is that if I start fixing these agents, I'll make the server performance issue a much bigger problem.
Thank you for any help.