I was reading through the inst-oes-lnx.pdf doc (for OES2sp3) to upgrade our OES2sp2 server, and section 5.2.2 clearly states, "You must upgrade SLES 10 and OES 2 at the same time". This line is confusing me badly.

The problem is, following along the online(rug) upgrade section (Section 5.4.5), I see it says only to download the move-to-oes2-sp3 patch, after which there are more rug commands, some configuring, and at least one reboot. It doesn't explicitly say anything about a move-to-sles10-sp4 patch (except that it cannot be used to upgrrade OES2 SP3) until Section 7.4.1, Updating the Server Base form SLES 10SP3 to SLES10 SP4.

So... they're done sequentially, OES, then SLES? Or am I off here? That would mean for a time, the server is running as OES2sp3/SLES10sp3. That doesn't seem to meet the "same time" requirement.

But if they are to be done simultaneously, which is what "same time" means to me, then I'm at a loss.
Does the move-to-oes2-sp3 patch automatically add the move-to-sles10-sp4 patch? That seems to be hinted at by line 5 of Section 5.4.5 Performing the Upgrade: " Install the recommended patches that are in the channels using rug up -t patch -g recommended && rug ping -a." (But why then have Section 7.4.1?)

I don't have the luxury of development or test servers to play around on, being tight budgeted, our servers are in production- I have to get this right.