I have an OES2 server running Groupwise 8, each night I run a dbcopy script to backup the groupwise system to an NFS mounted volume on a different server.

Today, I need to restore a user's mailbox but so far I'm not having good luck getting the restore source set up correctly. I added the root user and password to the Post Office Object settings in C1. Then created the restore source, filling in the UNC path to a samba share I setup to the backup server. The windows workstation can browse to the backup location and has full read/write access to said directory. The Linux path is what seems to be causing me the trouble. Should I be using the local path of the NFS mounted volume there or something else?

I get 8209 errors when I use the NFS path in the Linux Path field, but if I leave it blank the connection to the backup store from the GW client prompts me for the path then seems to connect. But it only displays a week's worth of old mail at that point. The backed up PO directory size is comparative in size to the production directory so I'm not really sure where to go from here.

Any help is appreciated.