ZCM 11.2.2
eDir 8.7
Win7 x86 and x64 workstations

I am currently deploying a test environment to about 6 Win7 machines - a mix of x86 ans x64 machines.

On several of the x86 machines if it locks due to inactivity the currently logged on user is not being allowed to unlock the workstation. Error received is "This computer is locked. Only the logged on user can unlock". It is not across the board but just a few. We are getting the Novell login box but it will not unlock even though it is the same user that originally logged on prior to locking.

If the policy is removed from that machine it seems to function fine.

I have set the NIC power management to not allow the computer to turn the NIC off to save power and the result is the same.

Any guidance would be appreciated.