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Thread: DWfW accounts and existing AD/Exchange

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    DWfW accounts and existing AD/Exchange

    Hello. I have a situation I want to verify.

    A potential customer already has an AD and Exchange 2007. They also have Netware 6.5 that we are proposing to migrate to OES 11 SP1. They have the Novell client installed on their PCs, and have had problems keeping their passwords sync'd between eDir and AD/Exch because they must do it manually or with admin help. I believe we can fix this by adding DSfW after the OES 11 migration. We'd set up a cross-forest trust. However, the accounts are already in the native AD with their associated Exchange mailboxes. There are no other apps in their native AD that I know of.

    My thought is to detach the mailboxes from the native AD accounts and attach them to the DSfW accounts. As we do that, we'd delete the native AD accounts. Then when they log in, they'd do so with their DSfW account and password and be able to log in directly to their Outlook mailbox.

    Is this on target, or am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance
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