I've been wondering if it is possible to clear a local gpo to the windows defaults (like if the machine was freshly installed and never had gpo's applied)?

Prior to using ZEN to push gpos, we had manually set gpo on each machine. Once using ZEN, these already in-place gpo settings got merged with new settings being pushed out from ZEN. At times when ZEN would fail to apply those ZEN gpo settings, it would revert to the previously in placed gpo settings.

Example: Prior to using ZEN, we had set our WSUS environment settings via the local gpo. After using ZEN, we had moved our WSUS to a new server and had to change the settings on our clients. Using ZEN, we pushed a gpo with these new settings. That works until the machine doesn't apply these ZEN gpos properly or at all at times, thus reverting them to the old/previous local gpo settings that contained the now invalid WSUS settings. Machines stopped getting updates, etc...

So would it be possible to completely wipe or reset to windows default the local gpo settings, so that we can push fresh, correct gpo from ZEN instead?

I hope that makes sense.