Hi! I have a Groupwise 8 on linux, under VMware vSpere 4.1.
The GW8 server has 3GB ram, and the DB is about 110GB with almost 1000000 files and the volume is an ext3.

I use DBCOPY each night to do a backup and it take 8 hours, I wonder if the speed is OK?

I have 4 VMware servers, IBM X3550M3 (4 cpu x 2.4GHz) with 36GB of RAM.
The SAN is an "old" IBM DS4300 FC (2Gbs).

This summer we will change the SAN to a iSCSI Dell Equallogic PS6100E, and upgrade to Groupwise 2012.
I guess this will help the backup.

But I wonder if its "normal" to take 8 hours? I have some complain that the email is not usable on the morning, and if I start the DBCOPY sooner, its the users at night that complain.

The strings I use is this (it start at 11pm):
dbcopy -t 10 -i 'date --date="yesterday" +%m-%d-%y' /gwsystem/domain /gwsystem/backup/domain
dbcopy -t 10 -i 'date --date="yesterday" +%m-%d-%y' /gwsystem/po /gwsystem/backup/po

If someone has an idea to help speed things up.
thank you