We are migrating from Novell ZENworks Patch Mgmt v. to the ZCM v. patching service. I've noticed that there are are few features in the Patch mgmt 6.4 that I don't see in ZCM and want to see if I'm just missing them somehow. I've looked throught the zen11_pm_administration manual and could not find any info on the following:

1) In Patch 6.4 when looking at the vulnerabilities/patches, you could filter by a specific OS in that it would only show patches (for example) for Windows 7 32bit workstations...and those patch results would only display "patched" or "not patched" numbers for that specific OS. In ZCM 11.2 patch mgmt...it appears that it can only filter by Platform: Windows, Vendor: Microsoft. With this filtering it mixes all the XP, Windows 7 32bit, Windows 7 64 bit, and Windows server patches all together. In the patch name field I can put "Windows 7" but it display 32 and 64 bit as well as patches for servers and includes servers in the numbers for "patched vs not patched". I would like to be able to filter the patches to show for example only patches for Windows 7 64bit workstations and have it reflect the workstations with only Windows 7 64 bit as it does in Patch 6.4. We have ZCM servers in our system but are using a different method to patch them. Basically, I currently have to wade throught the patches for Windows 7 (for example)..select the ones I want..and if that patch also is for Server 2008...I have to make sure that after the deployment creation is completed to remove the servers from the deployment. It would be much easier and efficient to be able to filter out the patches for a specific OS and apply those patches to only that specific OS workstations. Any ideas if this is possible under ZCM patching?

2) In Patch 6.4 you could configure a policy for snooze and reboot options. Then when completing the deployment wizard...you could select "Use policies" for these options. Is there a place to configure these presets in ZCM or does one have to manually change them every time a deployment is created?

3)Once a deployment is set to a group of test workstations, in Patch 6.4 I could export the list of worksations in the test deployment to send to the helpdesk in case they received any calls. Is there an option to do this in ZCM? There doesnt seem to be one.

Any info or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,