I am our company's Network Administrator. I created a Shared SPAM folder for users on both postoffices to drag and drop their unwanted SPAM emails to so that I can manage filters/blocks for these emails. In my organization I have two (2) postoffices. I've noticed that only the users on my postoffice (Headquarters) when I open their emails, I have all the file associations (properties, message source, etc.). When I open the users on our other postoffice (Regions) the file associations are not present. My workaround has been to contact the user and have them forward these emails as an attachment which provides me the files. I use the message source (MIME) file to create some of my filters/blocks for these types of SPAM. In most cases the user has already deleted the suspect emails. Does anyone know why the emails don't bring the file associations over to another postoffice? I am using Novell GroupWise 8.0.2. Thanks for any help you can give me.