hi all, i am having an issue where found out that Imaging Script cannot be used to multicast so i am running in to a problem now. If i push out an image via zcm script bundle it works fine with your suggestions but i cannot seem to figure out why the image wipes out all the hard drives in the systems during multicast image set or a single image load via pxe boot.

First problem:
if i push out an image via Zenworks Image preboot bundle file set is set to 1 it wipes out all the hardrvie in the system (tow hard drive, disk 0 and disk 1. i can certainly fix the disk resizing issue by adding a script to unattaned file after the image is loaded to resize the disk automatically using diskpart commands. which works fine.

Second problem:
here is what i did:
1. created an multicast Image Set
2. number of clients needed set to 1
3. Time out in five minutes

It does not load the image znd waits for session to start.

how can i automate this via zcm to make sure on pxe boot the both pcs receive the image as scheduled in zcm.

Please assist.

thank you