We have run into a unique situation where a product we run requires the use of one IP internally and another IP externally. Let's leave the description that generic. So internally let's say it uses and externally it needs to use - I want it to resolve those IPs from DNS using the same domain name. My DNS server isn't rooted it is only a caching DNS server. After reading many web pages with questions related to trying to solve this problem most of which were related to other implementations, I believe I found one for use with Novell-Named and the DNS/DHCP Management Console. I'd like to see if anyone can see any problems with it as it seems to work well. Obviously, I would not recommend doing this for a lot of hosts but in this case it will help us out a lot.

What I did was create a new zone for the host(subdomain - say bob.domain.com) that I want to override on our internal network only. In this bob.domain.com zone I then created a single A record *.bob.domain.com that points to the internal IP. Then I restarted the novell-named daemon.

Now when I use nslookup on our internal DNS server, bob.domain.com resolves to the internal IP. If I use nslookup on an external DNS server bob.domain.com resolves to the rooted entry for the external IP address.

I'd appreciate any feedback if this will cause problems that I haven't been able to find so far. If there aren't any or no major ones, this information might be useful to someone else in a similar situation.

What this allows is for us to put bob.domain.com into our users portable devices and have them use the correct external or internal IP address automatically.