Have linked various applications/bundles to ZENworks desktop icons to start when you double click the icon. But sometimes the status icon only says "Running" and nothing else happens. Goes and look at the service ZENworks Agent service and then it not have been started and can not restart. Must then log out and log back in for it to start again, sometimes we have to log out and in twice times before it works again. Sometimes if you wait long enough, you get a message that says Zenworks service must be restarted. We have Windows 7 on the client and ZCM 11.2 MU2. For a month ago all our workstation had this problem. We have a consultant how looked at the problem, he says that it could have something to do with our anti-virus program. So we changed from TrendMicro to MS Essentials. That resulted that we now have only have 2 computers having this problem occasionally (not every day).
The launcher/application that is the problem is to a web-site and and SQL-client application.

Comment to Craig: So the fix for Net 2.0 and Sharepoint is not the case I belive.