Hey All,

I am new to OES, but not new to AD. I am in an environment in which DSfW was recently setup to support VDI testing.

I notice that there is no configuration under AD Sites and Services. We have multiple sites, with DCs setup at each site. The consequence of not having Sites and Services configured is that machines/users in site "A" are logging in through site "B" domain controllers. Obviously, this is not ideal nor best practice. Secondly, this leads me to wonder how the domain controllers are replicating since I do not see NTDS entries in Sites and Service MMC for the domain controllers, yet I do see that AD data is replicating by comparing databases (simply adding a new user on one DC I see it added on the secondary DCs). So I know it's replicating, but apparantly not using AD schema?

One other question I have about DSfW is regarding the migration from a mixed environment to a full AD environment. We are deploying AD primarily due to VDI initiatives, and currently only testing this. Looking further down the road for planning purposes I have to wonder if it's possible to stand up a 2008 R2 server, join it to the domain, dc promo it, FSMO transfer, then decommossion the DSfW systems. This would leave us with purely Windows DC environment for authentication. Is this something some people have done before? Is it a recommended best path for migrating? Cause I also see others creating a second AD environment, then building the trusts between DSfW's domain and the "new" domain (assuming these are not in the same forrest). That would be less than ideal.

Thanks in advance for any responses...