We are running ZCM 11.2.1 and are seeing what seems to be odd bundle status reporting. I am not sure if this is bad memory on my part, a design change, or an issue. What we are seeing is that we will deploy a bundle and after it goes out to a machine and shows a success, if we reimage the machine or increase the revision of the bundle it does not clear out or reset the deployment status. If I recall correctly I thought when you up a revision of a bundle both launch and deployment status was set back to zero and it had to go through the Assignment status stages again before the bundle started reporting back into the deployment and launch stages. Following is an image of a bundle status where we just increased the revision:

We do run deepfreeze in our labs and have attempted to take that out of the loop by installing the Zenworks agent to the thaw space on each system.

Any feedback regarding this would be great.

Thank you,
Michael Wolf