Downloaded this patch from Novell Site.. It contains a sample bundle with actions which I successfully imported into our
ZCM 11.2.1 Server.. I have assigned this bundle to a handful of devices (all windows devices). The bundle contains 3 install items: 1) copy new .dll file to the device 2) rename the old .dll on the device and then move in the new .dll 3) reboot the computer

My success with this bundle has been about 50/50 so far...about 50% of the test computers ran the script correctly and the other 50% appears that items 1 & 3 in the bundle executed fine, but for some reason #2 (rename and move in new file) did not appear to run... The new .dll file was copied down to the device's zenworks_home but then was never moved into the /bin folder

Anyone have any ideas ??