Leading up to migrating our GW8 to GW2012 I need to move our GW8 system to a GW2012 supported OS as the old one is running on SLES10.2 with OES2sp1.
(I've been putting this off far too long, its too easy to delay something when there is no urgency ;) )
Our old server runs an eDir replica and uses NCP to allow access to the GW domain for C1 and client software.
Our GW is a 1 POA/MTA system that is about 25-30GB in size running on a dual quadcore with 4gb ram and serving about 150-200 users at peak time
The new server is a single socket hexacore with 16gb ram, currently set up as a pre migration server running SLES 11.2 with OES11sp1.

How I was thinking of doing this:
-shut down GW on old server.
-dbcopy from old server to nfs mount that points to the same path on the new server as the PO or Domain on the old one.
-install GW803hp1 on new server.
-Copy (and check) GW config files from old to new server.
-Migrate system ID.
-put old GW server on new IP after shutting down eDir, config new server for old IP and see if eDir is smart enough to not need a restart.
-Start GroupWise agents.
-Depending on smoothness of migration risk upgrade to 2012 right away.
-enjoy weekend.

Does that sound about right ?

As 'disaster recovery' after the system ID migration I was thinking of just decommissioning the new server, deleting it from eDir and just re-adding the old one. There are no file systems with user rights to worry about on it.

It's probably also possible to turn the new server into a normal server, then only migrate GW and change some DNS records but our GroupWise server is of the 'old faithful' kind so I'm not sure what all is pointing directly towards its IP when it comes to things like LDAP links. This is why I am currently opting for whole server migration unless anyone else has good arguments as why not to.