I am trying to import the ZENworks_11.2.3_Update.zip file it does not show up in ZCC.

Server - SLES 11 SP 2
ZCM version 11.2.1
The checksum is correct.
I am running zman as root.
I have tried:
zman sui /tmp/ZENworks_11.2.3_Update.zip

chown zenworks:zenworks /tmp/ZENworks_11.2.3_Update.zip

zman sui /tmp/ZENworks_11.2.3_Update.zip

mv /tmp/ZENworks_11.2.3_Update.zip /opt/novell/zenworks/ZENworks_11.2.3_Update.zip

zman sui /opt/novell/zenworks/ZENworks_11.2.3_Update.zip

The message that returns after running zman sui and entering the Administrator credentials is always:

The update(s) contained in /opt/novell/zenworks/ZENworks_11.2.3_Update.zip will begin importing shortly. You may use ZCC to track the status of your import

The message in the /var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/zman.log is always something similar to:

[DEBUG] [3/14/13 10:58:04 AM] [] [ZMan] [1] [] [Command: sui /opt/novell/zenworks/ZENworks_11.2.3_Update.zip --TerminalDevice=/dev/pts/4 --ScreenDimension=47 129 ] [] []
[DEBUG] [3/14/13 10:58:15 AM] [] [ZMan] [1] [] [Command completed in 11145 ms] [] []

Any thoughts?